Planting Mangrove Trees In Kampot, Cambodia

What an exciting day! Watch us planting some mangrove trees for Cambodia’s future!

The mangrove forests along Cambodia’s coast support more than 100,000 fishermen and their families and create a diverse ecosystem that is home to hundreds of species. These forests play an essential role in supplying people with fish and are also vital to coastal protection, air quality and biodiversity.

But the mangroves have been in decline for a decade due to human activities, including logging and filling the waterways with sand to create artificial land. Fishing communities say their livelihoods are also being affected by a 1,000-hectare special economic zone under construction in the province, including a seaport, a coal power plant and a hotel complex.

Reforestation programs have made some progress towards restoring the forests. One of these is the Kampot Mangrove Forest. A wonderful project of a community of people that joined together to make a difference and replant Mangroves with the help of donations.

Watch it on YouTube!



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