Tokyo Love: Japanese Style and Onsen Bathing Culture

The second week in Japan held its promise and finished up the experience with a shiny glow of natural hot-spring onsen bathing, 9 course dinners, sulfur-boiled black eggs, and an true highlight in every way, exploring Japan’s epicenter Tokyo! To see the first half of my Japan journey, make sure you also check out my video on Kyoto and South Japan. I hate to leave this place, but am also truly excited for my next experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I will finally meet the rest of the Remote Year Crew! Want to see what happened there?



2 thoughts on “Tokyo Love: Japanese Style and Onsen Bathing Culture

  1. Thank you so much dear Kathryn for taking the time and dedication to keep us up to date with your extraordinary experience at your remote year and for offering us an opportunity to get to know about these amazing places through this awesome blog. I love it !!! Cannot wait to keep watching your next adventures. Always missed my dear friend and best of luck 😚


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