Welcome to Miami, bienvenida a Miami

Happy new year, happy new state, happy new job, happy new life… For many, this prospect sounds scary, for me it is like the fuel of my life. The energy that is being released when stirring things up as they start to settle, leaving a place when the comfort zone sneaks in, setting out for new endeavors when adventure calls – it’s what I am most addicted to doing, over and over again.

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After 2 years in San Francisco, California, I am now settling in to my new home and life in Miami, Florida, the gateway to South America, where the sunshine never seizes, where English seems to be a second language to most, and where I will be creating my first truly international home base, as a German citizen with permanent US residency, and a job that allows me to travel to some of the most sought after markets and places of the Western world.

January is the month of transition, and it is a tough “Goodbye” to the West Coast with its lush beauty, its life embracing attitude, its diversity and potential, and most of all, its people that I have come to love and will miss terribly. It’s just as well a wonderful “Hello” from the Cuban culture here, the energy of the Beach, the pride of the salsa dancers, and the adventures and experiences that this different environment presents, ready to be discovered.

For many years, I have been asked why I have never started a blog, and now it’s time! I invite you to come along with me on my journey to different places, exploring different ideas, meeting inspiring people – always having a spot in my suitcase.

Welcome to Miami! Welcome to my new blog! Welcome to many hopefully exciting short-read impressions of my journey! And thank you for following me!

Yours truly –



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Miami, bienvenida a Miami

  1. Cousinchen, hör doch mal auf uns alle neidisch zu machen! Ich wünsche dir viel Glück in Miami und dass die neuen Erfahrungen, dich einfach umhauen (im positiven SInne natürlich). Wenn du dann mal wieder in Deutschland bist, machen wir dann einen Salsa-Kurs 😉


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